Negative search results are injurious to your brand reputation.

Negative search results are injurious to your brand reputation.

Use online customer service to your advantage. On average, a satisfied customer will share his or her experience with four to six people. For dissatisfied customers, that number explodes to nine to 17 people. That's some pretty powerful word-of-mouth marketing working against your brand! Here's the thing: many of these customer service complaints could have been avoided simply through more responsive care.

When customers are angry, frustrated or disappointed, they want a source for venting these frustrations. That's why so many angry customers take to Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. to rant about everything from lost luggage to faulty products. Head off Twitter rants by monitoring for brand mentions. (If you don't already have a great social media monitoring tool, these are six great options.) Next, steer the conversation offline or to a direct message; which will help shield your brand from a negative PR onslaught and also make it easier for you to address customer concerns.

"Every business is only one customer away from a bad review!"

* According to a Convergys Corp. Study, A Single Negative Online Review can Cost the Average Business an Average Loss of 30 Customers per month. Now that's frightening!

And, 80% of respondents said that NEGATIVE online information made them change their mind about purchasing a product or service that was recommended to them!

Onlyne Reputation is to the rescue which generates positivity in life, creates good reputation beyond a lifetime, nurtures beyond compare and passion for excellence because we are leading you toward greater success.

You and Onlyne Reputation, a commitment to excellence. The company's determination is around your purpose in the following core ideologies:

1. Generates positivity in life-
generating clients to keep believing that learning to utilize positive thinking can be an important tool that brings out to the overall degree of business greater success. Regardless of the algorithms in life, the company makes an effort to respond to issues and criticisms, to work hard in upholding a ‘never give up' attitude for the specific needs of the clients. Rejoice success and relish rewards for growth toward goals, all the while believing in yourself and your ability to succeed. With those who do well in business or an individual envision themselves being successful, and failure is not recognized as an option in life.

2. Creates Good reputation beyond a lifetime-
creating good reputation takes much time and a lot of effort. But then, it can be something that's lost in an instant. However, the company is all set to help your company build its reputation by presenting it in the most professional manner. Keeping it for a long term and the team is taking a closer look at it in ensuring any material relating to the business is expertly done, creating the correct impression for your company.

3. Nurtures beyond compare-
nurturing a client like you is like how a mother loves her children and with the whole family. Incomparably, the Onlyne Reputation's team nurtures you from the roots that make you flourish. You can share anything what's on your mind, rest assured that you won't be judged. Whether you are a failure or a success, it doesn't matter to us because the team has big hands to flawlessly contribute to the overall success and function to serve its purpose.

4. Sustains passion for excellence-
sustaining excellence but with passion. Living with tech-savvy people is a great challenge to all of us who undergo neck-and-neck race in business or individuals with deep-seated issues at times. With that, the team has regularly undergoing training and continuing education programs to constantly stay one step ahead for the clients' benefits to withstand on the challenges. Great working relationships with all of our clients and working together with a family spirit as more of a partnership result to greater success in your business or as an individual.

"Think outside the Box" is how the team thinks unconventionally, differently or from an innovative perspective in promoting efficient marketing campaigns and web designs for businesses especially for the valuable clients like you. The company's dedication to clients maintaining a knowledgeable and highly skilled staff is extremely important for businesses and individuals. The rapid growth of internet and World Wide Web has given birth to a lot of things, a lot of not so good things. Most people nowadays highly rely on Google search results before taking a business relationship with you. They trust more on online reviews as much as personal endorsements.

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