Famous Hotel

What I love most about Onlyne Reputation, is their level of commitment to their customers, their innovative approach & how quickly they can make changes to support business need. Everyone I have worked with at Onlyne Reputation have been exceptional. They understand what it takes to steer social reputation and are true partners in helping obtain business goals & drive desired outcomes. In no time our search results and feedbacks were improved by Onlyne Reputation team and our hotel business is back on track.We thank you for the same.

- Marketing Head,Famous Hotel, London.
 4.8 Rating

Onlyne Reputation is a rock star! They have been so helpful in the process of getting our reputation from red to green , their team members highly educated on the ORM, and answering my nonstop stream of questions and build our Positive reputation in less than 6 months ,which was suffering earlier. We've seen our properties overall rating increase significantly over the past few weeks with help from Onlyne Reputation. Thank you Onlyne Reputation.

- VP Sales, Real Estate, USA
 4.5 Rating
Real Estate
Famous Medical Clinic

I love that we now have more control over negative reviews. Negative feedback is extremely important to us and we take it very seriously. Our approach is, do whatever we can to fix it - we never want a patient to feel like their expectations were not met. Most of the time, after we have reached out to an angry patient, they are satisfied, and ready to come back in to our clinic - BUT their negative review is still left out there for the world to see. Onlyne Reputation helped us with positive image online after we improved our patient interaction and services.

- COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, Famous Medical Clinic, Australia.
 5 Rating

Onlyne Reputation has been the backbone of reputation management program we have been running for most of our clients. We have been working with Onlyne Reputation for more than 5 years now and they have helped to build positive reputation for more than 19 clients of ours from across the industry including Real Estate, Hospitality, Retail, Education and more...thumbs up Onlyne Reputation.

- CEO, Famous Digital Agency, New York,USA.
 4.8 Rating
Famous Digital Agency
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