Reputation : NOW or NEVER

Reputation : NOW or NEVER

Till last decade top corporations and Individuals reputation were managed by paid media agencies across the globe which created perception of companies which they wanted to showcase to customers, employees, shareholders or to anyone else out there.

These companies had strong hold with media agencies to proactively approach for potential liabilities and negative campaigns. When it comes to Online Reputation management it's vastly different much more volatile and contagious that you can never escape. It shows both side of the coins , use both online and offline media.

It's human psychology to see first thing negative than to see positive. If bad thing coming next to your name or brand on popular search engine it will become a nightmare altogether. Anyone looking for first time one bad thing made overall bad perception about you or your business. Perceived reputation and business loss cannot even be calculated.

Online media is amalgamation and combination of real time activities on social media platforms, online group communities, blogging via personal or professional, online news, content marketing and mailing lists.

Online media transmits globally to a wide audience. Very popular English proverb "Even a very good thing will have to be made public, to be acclaimed by people" in online world "Even a very small bad thing will have to be addressed, else it will be criticized by people". It is contagious and remains there one bad thing will make overall perception bad reality.

Act NOW and contact us to build your Golden Reputation.

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