Reputation management for Individuals

Reputation management for Individuals

In a study, it was found out that 87% of the people asked believes that a CEO's reputation is as important as the company's reputation. This means that when a CEO's Online Reputation gets damaged, the company's Online Reputation gets a hit as well.

Celebrities, people of interest, and Newsworthy personas aren't safe either. They may be a prime targets of smear campaigns that can easily topple down a well-kept reputation. One minute you are reputed for something good the next day you are swarmed by various unfounded reports or just plain bad news. Most of these negative results are nothing more than sensationalized news and overblown gossip.

Thing is, reputation is not built in a day. For a lot of top-level executives and celebrities, it takes years and thousands of dollars to get a solid reputation. Yet, it takes bad gossip 5 minutes to destroy it.

So how can you protect yourself? You can always take advantage of Onlyne Reputation management to protect and address issues with regards to their Online Reputation.

For individuals, Onlyne Reputation helps you to:
  • delete embarrassing pics on the pages of Google search engine results for the potential employers
  • create and build profiles for you if your social presence is flawed and inadequate
  • bury ubiquitous or viral video results that ruin your future
  • optimize your social media sites in the search rankings if your presence appears unprofessional
  • bury unwanted images appeared on the search engine results
  • guarantee to push off first pages undesirable results of your name in the search engines
  • hide and delete destructive links for prospective employers
  • address any potential threats to your image
  • eliminate provocative and disgraceful images online

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